My AQUA Bottle to impress your Guests and fight the exploitation of spring water. A perfect choice that will save your money, a precious object to advertise your Company Brand, a way to optimize the refrigerated spaces and the time of your staff!


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My AQUA Bottle for Catering & Hotellerie

The essential elegance of a waterbottle "Unique & Artistic" combined with a new civic-environmental collective consciousness becomes a distinctive element in the room of your hotel or at the table of your restaurant. My Aqua bottle improves your direct sales and ensures a promotional and economic return with your "Corporate Brand" in the homes of Customers, Guests and Friends.

My Aqua Bottle for companies, Associations and foundation.

Are you tired of giving useless objects to your customers?
Would you like to pay homage to your loyal customers with an elegant everyday object that represents your brand?
An object that combines Italian design, craftsmanship, representativeness of its territory and eco-sustainability?

...... you just have to choose

My AQUA Bottle ® Born in Venice - Made in Italy

useful and charming everyday object, available in various customizable versions.

from 8 to 48 pieces € 28.00 Each + VAT
from 56 to 80 pieces € 27.00 Each + VAT
from 88 to 160 pieces € 26.00 Each + VAT
from 168 pieces and over € 25.00 each + VAT

Printing plant 1-2 colors € 100.00 U. Tantum + VAT
Printing plant 3-5 colors € 200.00 U. Tantum + VAT

Shipping in Italy Excluded
Insured DHL Express Worldwide Shipping Excluded

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